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Shipping, Returns and Errors

The price of the goods does not include a charge for delivery. A standard delivery charge of £18.99 is applicable for all international orders. We also offer a number of expedited shipping options.

Delicate Skin Store is not responsible for delays in delivery due to events beyond our control, including shortage of materials, labour strikes, transportation failures or acts of nature.

All customers are issued with the tracking number once the order has shipped (read more about the order processing time). Once inside your country the local postal operator will take control. They might change your tracking number to a local one. This change will appear on the tracking website.
If it has been more than 2 weeks since you received the shipping confirmation, but no parcel has arrived, please cheque with your local postal office. You may need to collect your parcel or arrange a delivery.
If your package is refused or undeliverable due to the error in the shipping address, the refund will not be issued. Internationally shipped packages are almost never returned to us.

In some counties, especially in Russia, the package can be delivered to the local postal office and needs to be collected by the customer. You can follow the location of your package via the tracking number we provide and see if you need to arrange a collection. 

Parcels that are not collected within 30 days are sent back, but rarely actually reach our warehouse. However, if your package does come back to us, we will re-send it, subject to a GBP 30 fee.
You will see whether the package reaches us via the tracking number. This evidence is required for a re-send request.
Problems with shipping
Before contacting us about any shipping issues, please cheque the following:

- Your SPAM folder for any notices from us.
- Whether you provided the correct delivery address for your order and your email address.
- Your parcel may be awaiting collection at a local sorting office or delivery depot, or you may need to arrange redelivery. Otherwise the parcel might be lost or returned to us.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please contact our Customer Service at to arrange a replacement. All missing or damaged items must be reported within 5 business days of the order arriving.

We will require photographic evidence if you are returning a damaged item or if something has gone wrong with the parcel.
If you want to amend your order or to add more products, please contact us at However, no changes can be made after your order has been processed by the warehouse.
If any of the items on your order are out of stock, you will receive an email from us asking whether you prefer to wait, have a replacement, or receive a full refund.
Due to the personal nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns.
You can cancel your order within 24 hours of payment. Once your order is cancelled you will receive a full refund within 5 business days.