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TUNG™ Brush with Free Gel Sample


Leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
Clinical research shows that odour-causing bacteria on the tongue is the #1 cause of bad breath.  There is no better tool to get rid of that nasty bacteria and odour than the TUNG™ products.
Unique bristle design penetrates tongue crevices not visible to the naked eye where odour-causing bacteria hide.
The New TUNG™ Gel, when used with the companion TUNG™ Brush

In stock

  • Loosens sticky plaque from the tongue,
  • Has Zinc to neutralise bad breath,
  • Works better than standard toothpaste,
  • The improved taste leaves tongue and mouth feeling fresh,
  • New Improved consistency stays on the TUNG™ Brush more effectively.

Use with Tung Gel. Extend tongue and gently brush from the back of the tongue forward to the tip (for approx 10 seconds).

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