Obagi Nu-Derm Sunfader

The Nu-Derm® Sunfader SPF 15 is  a safe sunscreen.  Protects the skin from ultraviolet damage while inhibiting pigment cell production that causes dark patches.  The Sunfader sun screen is ideal for patients who receive above average exposure from the sun on a daily basis.  Prolonged sun exposure reduces the skin’s natural ability to regenerate, causing damaged and dysfunctional skin cells.  The damage inflicted by the sun is often referred to by physicians as photodamage. 60 ml

Nu-Derm® Sunfader also reduces the incidence of other adverse affects of photodamage, including:

  • Damaged pigment-producing skin cells, resulting in uneven melanin distribution and age spots
  • Collagen and elastin breakage, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased production of free radicals, causing cellular damage and heightened risk of developing serious illness

Nu-Derm® Sunfader is PABA-free.  PABA is an organic compound originally used in consumer sun screen.  The chemical was removed from most sun screens ater mounting research that PABA actually increases cellular exposure to UVB rays.  Be careful when choosing sun screen:  some sun screens may still contain PABA, and the chemical has been known to stain clothing and trigger allergic reactions in children.


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